WPAA Scholarship Program

WPAA believes every young person should be given the 0pportunity to unlock their fullest potential.  Working together, our community can help provide our talented youth the tools necessary to navigate higher education, career development and work/life solutions with a sense of self-confidence and personal awareness.

Given the chance to learn and play music or paint a work of art early in the developmental stages of life, WPAA believes young artistic talent will thrive.  The opportunity to be exposed to fine art, whether performing or visual, can and will greatly increase the potential for becoming successful adults.

Scholarships help provide needed assistance for emerging artists.  Just as importantly, it provides the foundation for these scholarship recipients to become donors themselves as they remember the impact of their scholarships — thus, giving back.

WPAA has initiated the WPAA Scholarship Program to assist young artists in accomplishing their goals.  Proceeds from WPAA events are used to provide continuing educational pursuits for deserving students.  However, to be able to adequately fund scholarships to additional deserving students, donations from private individuals and foundations are crucial.  These donations are the backbone of the WPAA Scholarship Program.  Without the understanding and support of concerned individuals and foundations, our efforts from programs and events would be minimal at best.  Your financial support is needed and greatly appreciated.

Please think about becoming a part of the WPAA Scholarship Program.  All our efforts are being directed to supporting deserving student artists - both performing and visual.  To provide scholarships for those students who have come to the Alliance for help, we will need to greatly increase our scholarship budget.  We are depending upon individuals like you to provide the critical funding necessary to assist deserving artists in their scholastic and educational endeavors.  WPAA requests your support.  Thank you.