Support WPAA – Volunteer Your Time & Expertise

Membership Committee

  •  Recruit members – friends of friends – neighbors – fellow employees at work
  • Send reminders when memberships are about to expire
  • Send informative and exciting letters or write newspaper ads to local population asking them to join

Volunteer Committee

  •  Call members to help set up events and/or
  • Volunteer to work one day, morning, or afternoon at the Gallery
  • As needed, ask members to help on various committees
  • Work with computer updates as needed and requested

Newsletter Committee

  • Write an interesting article about the arts in general
  • Write about successful events just ended
  • Write about events upcoming
  • Write about classes/members/volunteers/staff

Fundraising/Grant Committee

  •  Construct/mail letters to local businesses, clubs, organizations asking for donations for events
  • Call local businesses, clubs, etc. for donations
  • Volunteer to help at fundraising events
  • Help create ideas for fun and innovative events

Publicity Committee

  • Write articles for the Courier, Gazette, Independent, radio/TV stations
  • Update our web site on upcoming events
  • Update email addresses for communication purposes
  • Visit other galleries, interface with personnel, share ideas
  • Share your excitement about the WPAA/CD with friends, work, and meetings

All Committees will provide statistical information to Executive Director as requested for the purpose of obtaining grants, and for non-profit reporting status.