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To foster an environment where art and culture strengthens the economic vitality of our community and enhances our quality of life.


To enhance the positive quality of life of individual, family and community by facilitating artistic, cultural and economic development through effective action and leadership.


Through collaborative partnerships with businesses, community, government, local art and cultural organizations, the Woodland Park Arts Alliance / Creative District (WPAA/CD) will provide a continuum of support and promotion of the community’s economic vitality by:

  • Advancing the common good by leading, strengthening, and mobilizing our community;
  • Engaging in community and downtown revitalization, economic development, business ownership and housing rehabilitation;
  • Contributing significantly to tourism resulting in a stronger economic base;
  • Providing direct employment;
  • Generating, developing, supporting and promoting art and cultural educational and entertainment activities and venues;
  • Awarding arts grants and scholarships, providing art and cultural services, events and activities, coordinating arts advocacy and generally promoting appreciation and participation in arts and culture.


COMMUNITY – We value art and culture that builds community. We value art and culture education, collaboration, revitalization, advocacy and activism. We believe that when an art or cultural project arises from the need of a community, it belongs to the public and exists for the benefit of all. When any artistic endeavor becomes part of a community, it demands the stewardship of its citizens, engendering ownership, responsibility and pride.

EDUCATION – We value art and culture that goes beyond the visual or audial expression of the artist to stimulate and educate the viewer. We support local projects that prioritize collaboration with local youth, local artists, local businesses and local educators.

REVITALIZATION – We value creatives and creative entrepreneurs who move to our community infusing new energy and innovation which enhances community quality of life and the community economic and civic capital. We value creative hubs within our community where creative entrepreneurs live, work and play. We value art and culture that revitalizes and beautifies our community for celebrating and strengthening our community identity. We value our local cultural and artistic organizations who promote artistic expression, events and amenities that not only enhances our community’s quality of life but also strengthens our local economy.

ADVOCACY – We value art and culture that express the views and concerns of artists. We value art and culture that defends and promotes the rights and responsibilities of artists and explores choices and options for our community. We value art and cultural advocates who will spend time with others and share views.

INTERACTIVITY – We value art and culture that prompts the viewer to act and to reflect on the larger community. We value art and cultural expressions that not only can be view, but also can be touched, heard or experienced; that requires human interaction to complete the piece; that prompts individuals to introspection and to interaction. We value art and culture that challenges the everyday existence of those individuals in our community.