Creative Arts District

All across Colorado, cities like Woodland Park enjoy the sweet success of a thriving downtown, catering to cultural tourists, second-home owners, and local residents. Obviously this success does not happen over night. In most cases, it begins with a dream - planned and developed over a period of time. The efforts put forth by dedicated local government, local business leaders, and concerned citizens pay great dividends to the overall economic development of those who envisioned a dream, planned their dream and work toward living the dream.

Receiving an official state certified "Creative Arts District" is not easy to achieve.  Therefore, the state of Colorado suggests and encourages any city to designate an area and call it a "Creative District" as demonstrated by the following statement in a letter to WPAA dated 2/18/16 from Margaret Hunt, Direcote, Colorado Creative Industries - "Thanks for your call asking for confirmaton that Woodland Park can establish a Creative Arts District. You can absolutely do so without permission for the state of Colorado...we're encourage any community that desires to pursue these efforts to do so on their own".  

Woodland Park Arts Alliance has done exactly that - created a district.  Implementing a "Creative Arts District: in Woodland Park will greatly enhance our opportunity to: (a) attract creative entrepreneurs and artists to our community, thus infusing new energy and innovation which will enhance economic and civic capital; (b) create hubs of economic activity which will make Woodland Park a place where people want to live, work and visit; (c) revitalize and beautify our community; (d) provide a focal point for celebrating and strengthening our unique identity; and (e) showcase our local cultural and artistic organizations, events and amenities.

Below in red is the Woodland Park Creative Arts District.